RC Shock & Differential Oil

All drivers know that regular engine oil changes are crucial in terms of keeping their cars on the road. In the case of RC Cars, oil changes are essential for maintenance and performance, but they address a different mechanism altogether. The oil changes that RC pilots must focus on are related to differential and suspension systems. With regard to frequency, the general recommendation is to change RC oil at least three times per year if you are a casual pilot.

RC Shock Oil

Models at the lowest end of the RC spectrum do not require any oil changes because they are simple toys. Once we get into models for pilots who are more dedicated to the RC hobby, we find that all four-wheeled cars and trucks require shock oil. The lubricant that you should choose for your model’s suspension system depends on factors such as weight, size of the shock elements, spring tension, type of piston, adjustments for performance, and brand.

Traxxas Shock Oil

If you have a Traxxas model, you cannot go wrong when choosing RC shock oil offered by this brand, but some pilots who are in competitive circuits prefer other brands such as Associated. When it comes to RC shock oil, pricing tends to be very competitive; for the most part, Traxxas offers reasonable prices according to weight. If you are an active pilot, you will find that purchasing shock oil in larger quantities will make financial sense.

Traxxas Differential Oil

With RC buggies and monster trucks, pilots are expected to do more tinkering and tuning because of the differential mechanism. Since buggy courses tend to be more technical, adjustments need to be made, and this includes oil changes.

If you are the proud owner of more than one Traxxas Revo model, your best bet is to purchase a Traxxas Differential Oil kit. With this kit, you will be able to lubricate the differential of models rated at 10K, 30K, and 50K weights, and you will find its price to be very affordable. For heavier Traxxas models, you will need 500K weight oil, which happens to cost a little more but will not break the bank.

Get Your Oil On At RC Superstore

RC Superstore is your go-to for RC shock oil. Even though conventional wisdom tells us that you should stick to Traxxas oil for Traxxas models, many experienced competitive pilots will choose associated brand oils for some circuits. The same oil also will help beginners maintain their vehicles.

If you are a buggy pilot who puts models through jumps on dirt tracks, you are welcome to try both Traxxas and Associated oils and see which works best. For any technical questions about our products, please feel free to contact us anytime.