1/32 Scale Slot Cars

Are you ready to hit the track? You should be with our slot cars on the 1/32 scale. Set them up on a track with grooves and let them hit the road. Our selections go beyond the standard ones in terms of quality and care; you get high-quality models for reasonable prices.

The best part about 1/32 scale — which refers to the 1:32 ratio size of each car — is that you can get different replicas of real-life vehicles, with accurate detailing. This ratio is quite traditional, which means there is a wide range of slot car sets for your racing pleasure.

1/32 Slot Car Tracks and Parts

Having a reliable array of parts means that you are outfitted for any race. No matter the technical difficulties, you and your drivers will be ready to make quick repairs and replacements.

Modern slot cars can come with wireless connections so that you don’t have to rely on remote controls solely. That’s why we like the Scalextric SPARK Wireless Dongle. The dongle connects the car’s controls to an Android or iPhone. A racer just needs to download the app to start people’s engines. You can get the jump on your competition by switching between this or a regular controller.

You can also use the Scalextric 1/32 F1 Slot Car Digital Retro-Fit Chip made for the Scalextric Digital System to connect analog cars to digital ones. While a driver needs to know how to solder, many customers like having this option.

Scalextric Slot Cars

Scalextric is a legacy brand, that makes replicas of well-known vehicles for racing. The company was founded in the UK, and since has upgraded its models to create the most modern racing systems. Top Gear, a BBC show, featured them heavily when recreating an iconic track.

One Ferrari classic is a Scalextric Ferrari 412P 1967 Daytona 1/32 Slot Car. This analog car is a bright red number with high detail, based on a 1967 model from that year’s Brand Hatch. It also has magnatraction which gives you an extra boost.

If you want a bold racing model, try out the Scalextric McLaren 720S Police Car 1/32 Slot Car. You can’t necessarily stop the competition to ticket them for speeding, but you can look amazing while passing them on the track. The police car has working lights and a siren, as well as a plug car. It is compatible with a digital conversion chip, meaning you can match it with digital Scalextric sets.

Improve Your Slot Car Racing With RC Superstore

RC Superstore wants everyone to hit the road, albeit on a smaller scale. We have access to the top brands in the RC vehicle industry, and the know-how on which models will suit your racing habits. Our specialists will tell you the brands and cars for beginners, intermediate and expert racers.

Reach out to us today to get started on the slot races. RC Superstore will help you get fitted for the next little competition. Scales slot cars make you feel like you’re in NASCAR, without ever having to leave your home.