Slot Cars, Tracks, and AFX Slot Car Sets

Slot car racing is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds — and has been for well over 100 years! The simplicity of the concept, coupled with its affordability and freedom of customization, have made them one of the world’s most popular hobbies.

Whether you enjoy an intense race, or you prefer a casual afternoon ride with your kids, you can construct the perfect experience for your household. You can collect scale versions of the fastest cars you’ve seen on the street, the race track, and even in your favorite episode of Speed Racer!

Best of all, RC Superstore is the perfect resource for newcomers and veterans alike. We have an expansive catalog of the best slot cars and tracks, and a passion for sharing what we love about the hobby.

The Best Slot Cars, Tracks, and Sets are at RC Superstore

Some questions aren’t easy for most scale slot car drivers to answer, such as:

  • What’s the best slot car set for you?
  • Do you prefer a stock car?
  • Or an open-wheel racer?

Some people might prefer to race something that looks like a vehicle they cheered on to the checkered flag in real life. Alternatively, some may prefer something that fits their particular “collector’s profile.”

If you’re new to the sport, it would be best for you to start off with a two-car set that can be used on any smooth surface. These types of low-cost sets are great for children or adults who want to just try out slot cars without investing too much money into them.

Fortunately, we’ve made sure to stock a little bit of everything to suit everyone’s racing tastes. Hobbyists who shop with us can find a large selection of slot cars and slot car racing tracks for sale, empowering you to develop your very own racing stadium.

Electric RC Race Car Tracks

The concept of slot cars is relatively simple. A specialized slot car track, from the simple to the most complex, has power distributed throughout it.

A car is equipped with an armature assembly consisting of two metal contacts. These metal contacts are inserted into grooves on the underside of the car.

When the car runs over the contact strips, energy is received and converted to electrical current by electromagnets within the armature assembly. When the electrical current is turned into magnetic energy, it exerts a force that moves the car forward along the guide rails within its lane.

Top Slot Cars for Serious Racers

At RC Superstore, we carry a massive selection of HO scale slot car sets from AFX, the undisputed leader in HO slot car racing. Better still, you can add different track sections to customize your slot car track layouts.

In addition, you will find AFX tri-power module transformers, replacement race controllers, and tune-up kits that will make your slot car experience all the more enjoyable. Best of all, these top industry products are available at everyday affordable prices.

Auto World 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

If you’re looking for a genuine HO scale vehicle that’s compatible with tracks made by everyone from Tyco to Aurora, then you’re in the right place. This Auto World replica of the popular 1971 Plymouth Road Runner borrows the iconic “pancake” design from their ThunderJet Chassis.

Those who are into retro slot car racing are certainly going to love this Ultra G-style chassis assembly. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that you see much on modern vehicles any longer.

Scalextric 2019 Ford GTE

Fans of real-world racing may love the chance to get behind the scale model wheel of this 2019 Ford GTE, which finished the LeMans 24-hour endurance race at 5th place in their class. In fact, of the top 10 in their class, three teams raced this car.

Harry Tincknell, Andy Priaulx, Jonathan Bormarito, and many others, were able to show what a GTE can do, even if they were never able to match the pace of the Ferrari that placed in the top of the class that year. If you place this on your 1/32 analog track layout, then you might have the chance to rewrite history and see your favorite vehicle win.

AFX 1970 Chevy Corvette LT1

Those who want performance, as well as history, are going to want to check into this Corvette model from AFX. It has all the grip and speed needed to match the prototype that it was based on.

AFX’s engineers changed out the entire slot car system these cars work with, upgrading them to Mega-G+ technology in the process. This helped to drastically improve their handling characteristics while also helping drivers approach their maximum top speed that much faster.

Chrome Pioneer Chevy Camaro Yenko SS427

Racers and collectors who prefer something a little more special may appreciate this Chrome Chevrolet Camaro Yenko SS427 by Pioneer. Only made available to the highest-performing dealers for Pioneer, this majestic 1/32 scale model is what’s referred to as a “Dealer Special.”

As promotional models, they were produced in very limited quantities, which makes them ideal for discerning collectors, in particular. Furthermore, and in addition to its display case, it features custom artwork and a “Dealer Special sticker” of authenticity on the packaging.

Discover a New Thrill in Slot Cars & Tracks at RC Superstore

Slot car racing is sure to provide you with that real racing thrill that you can enjoy for hours! From AFX and Auto World to Pioneer and Scalextric, RC Superstore is proud to bring customers the highest-quality slot cars available for sale.

Our online hobby store is family-owned and operated, and we aim to provide each customer with the best experience for their objectives. We’ll help collectors to find that unusual piece for your collection that they can’t seem to get anywhere else, and we’ll help racers to determine the ideal sets, tracks, and cars for their next big race.

No matter what kind of slot car experiences you might be looking for, we’d love to know more about your favorite vehicles. Tell us what you love about slot cars, tracks, and AFX slot car sets by reaching out to our team today.